It got lost in the midst of the Rumsfeld resignation, but a senior advisor in the State Department – Philip Zelikow – also resigned recently. And no, I had never heard of him before either. But this post sounds credible, given what I know about the tense relationship between the Rumsfeld-Cheney faction of the administration and the serious policy experts in the State Department. Although I can’t say that I think this guy’s resignation will have too much of an impact – listening to the rhetoric coming out of the administration, it seems pretty clearly that even though they’re pretending to extend the olive branch in the spirit of bipartisanship after a devastating election for them, they still essentially live in a different dimension when it comes to Iraq. Maybe Zelikow was a member of the reality based community, and if so then I’m sad to see him go, but those people have never had a real role in decision making for the administration anyway. That right there is one of the problems.


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