Time to party like it’s 1988.

I try to avoid putting too much thought into the 2008 presidential election – the dust has barely just settled from the 2006 midterms, and we’ve got some, you know, important governing stuff to do between now and gearing up for the next big campaign. But that doesn’t stop the fact that the media is already jumping ahead to 2008, like an ADHD sports commentator on crack. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that now is when Joe Biden decides to announce that he’s running for president.

Okay, this isn’t really big news. Biden’s been running for president for a while now – he started with the 1988 campaign, which didn’t go too well, but he’s been gearing up for 2008 for a while. How he’s been doing it should tell you a little about what kind of guy he is – as a prominent Democratic voice on national security, he’s taken every available opportunity to show some kind of token disagreement with other Democrats on the issue, while holding onto his liberal street cred by echoing hollow, bloodless criticism of Rumsfeld.

More recently, he pulled off a particularly difficult political manuever in the CT Senate race. During the Democratic primary, Biden agreed to campaign for Joe Lieberman, but when it started to look like things were swinging Ned Lamont’s way, Biden mysteriously “missed his train” to the campaign rally. After the primary, Biden said that he supported Ned Lamont, the Democratic nominee, but refused to campaign for him.

I fully expect Biden’s presidential campaign to tank yet again. God help the Democratic Party, and the United States, if it doesn’t.


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