As a general rule I’m extremely suspicious of any attempts to express ideology numerically. Ideology is a very complex thing – more complex than a simple left-to-right scale could ever show. It reminds me a bit of the light side/dark side system in the game Knights of the Old Republic – apparently, Darth Lieberman gets +4 conservative points whenever he votes with the Republicans, which he can reimburse for some totally sweet powers.

Still, this post is at least interesting, and makes sense in a very general way. I’m skeptical that Ethics has actually moved all that far to the left, though it would be nice. Shame about that Science Committee.

The argument that House Republicans have moved even further to the right makes sense too, since it seems like the only places Republicans could retain in the last election were extremely conservative anyway. That doesn’t necessarily mean that things will be nastier than ever – I’m sure the Republicans will put up a huge fight over the next couple of years, but hopefully Speaker Pelosi will resist the urge to shut them out as aggressively as they did to the Democrats. If one-party debate in congress becomes the new norm, it’s going to be bad news for everyone.


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