I’m something of a bad movie snob. A lot of people are content to watch Battlefield: Earth, Batman and Robin or Gigli and walk away from it thinking, “Wow. That’s the worst movie I’ve ever seen.”

Not me. When I set out to see a terrible movie, I want it to be truly atrocious. The kind of bad that just completely blows your mind. The kind of terrible that makes you think, “Who in god’s name could possibly think this would appeal to anyone except for people who like to watch bad movies for fun, like me?”

So imagine my excitement when one of the gifts I received on Christmas day was a copy of Robo Vampire. The movie so bad it’s actually two bad movies awkwardly stitched together to make an even worse movie. The movie so bad that when I first watched it with a friend of mine he couldn’t psychologically handle how terrible it was and had some kind of minor anxiety attack.

I can’t wait to watch this movie again. In the meantime, here’s a good review of it for the uninitiated. And a YouTube clip of one of my favorite dialogue exchanges in the movie.


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