Matt Stoller, who has always been pretty skeptical about John Edwards, seems to be warming up to him. I’m pretty much in the same position – I was unimpressed during the 2004 election, when he seemed like kind of a lightweight, but since then he’s really come into his own, and right now he seems to be the only one trying to make the nascent 2008 elections about actual issues.

Look at the other people who are running right now. Clinton seems to have decided that the best way to sway people who have already decided they don’t like her is by avoiding things like principles or convictions. Everybody loves Obama, but he seems to be banking more on star power, optimism and his winning smile than anything truly tangible. Biden … well, he’s always kind of been part of the problem.

Edwards is the only one not running away from a progressive platform. Hell, he’s the only one who even has a platform. It’s really refreshing to see a candidate whose campaign seems to have a basis in some very real issues confronting America. Not only that, his positions on those same issues actually make sense in a way that I haven’t heard any other candidates match.


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