Senior trip was awesome, a great way to recharge for the new semester. I feel completely refreshed after that. Might have pictures up eventually, if the other guys in my room get around to emailing them to me.

While I was away, I apparently missed Hillary Clinton, Sam Brownback and Bill Richardson all announcing, but none of that is really news – all of those people were going to announce eventually.

The big news, I think, is that the administration’s retreat over wiretapping is really just a farce. While they may have made a small concession to our civil liberties, they really have no interest in obeying the law – it’s really just a change of position to avoid congressional hearings. Hopefully Silvestre Reyes will decide to have some hearings regardless.

Also, Rage Against the Machine is getting back together, at least for one more concert. In between this and Dispatch’s final concert, this is a damn good year for band reunions. What would be truly amazing is if Rage started recording another studio album, but unfortunately that seems unlikely while 75% of them are still in the inexplicably terrible (I blame Chris Cornell) band Audioslave.


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