Things I learned this weekend:

– 2 Liters of Diet Coke, when consumed with a pack of Mentos, don’t actually cause you to explode or become incredibly ill, they just cause a lot of discomfort (I didn’t learn this firsthand, but I was in the room at the time).

– Apparently nobody told either Kevin Smith or Susannah Grant that romantic comedies have absolutely no right to be as good as Catch and Release is.

– On a somewhat related note, Boulder Colorado is a beautiful place to visit but I think if I lived there I would eventually get tired of the constant willowy acoustic alt-rock soundtrack in the background. A man can only take so much Ben Gibbard.

The Departed is even better on the second viewing, especially if it’s on a free copy of a DVD that hasn’t come out yet.

– Talking to Aline makes me a better writer.

– Apparently I would make a good pro-wrestling commentator.

– My knowledge of the Harry Potter series’ huge cast of characters is extremely limited, and I’m perfectly happy with that.

– Croissants = cuckoldry.

– The term cuckolding comes from the Old French word for the cuckoo bird.

– “Cuckold” is really a funny word when you think about it.


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