I love Philip K. Dick

A few weeks ago I finally got the chance to watch A Scanner Darkly, and holy crap, if it wasn’t the best adaptation of any of Philip K. Dick’s works I had ever seen. A week later I watched the movie again, and it was even better. It’s painstakingly faithful to the book and manages to capture all of Dick’s favorite themes – the paranoia, the dark irony and humor, the weird sort of sadness and poignancy, and on top of that full-on all-out weirdness. It reminded me why I love this guy’s books so much, and since then I’ve been itching to go back and read some of his classics.

In that spirit I just went back and reread Ubik and found that it too had improved on a second reading. Right now I’m about halfway through The Simulacra, and finding the same to be true there.

This is an author who desperately deserves a wider audience, particularly now, when his persistent paranoia seems to be becoming more and more validated.


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