Should Lieberman flip?

David Sirota thinks that the Democrats (and the public) would be better off if Lieberman wouldjust flip to the Republicans already. I’m not so sure, but he makes a compelling case. Either way, the advantages of a slight Senate majority are definitely pretty close to the disadvantages of having somebody like Lieberman there botching every single progressive initiative.

The best scenario would be that in two years we pick up one or two seats in the Senate and that just renders Lieberman irrelevant. Then the Democrats make it perfectly clear to him that they don’t give a damn whether or not he switches parties. But the problem is that these two years are important, particularly because of Senator Kerry’s efforts to set a deadline on Iraq and Senator Dodd’s efforts to repeal the Military Commissions Act. I don’t think we can wait two years to get rid of Lieberman.

At the very least I hope that Senators Obama, Biden and Landrieu, among others, now realize what a major fuck up they made in not supporting Ned Lamont for Senate. But at least in the case of Biden and Landrieu, I kind of doubt it.


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