Today Whiskey Fire has the most concise explanation I’ve ever heard of why this whole Unity ’08 thing is so unbelievably stupid.

The Unity Party is a project put together by Wise Men who are fed up with Partisan Bickering. The trouble with politics, they argue, is that people disagree. Their brilliant solution to this problem is to agree on everything, thus ending all disagreement. Shazam! It is truly a wonder that nobody has ever thought of this before.

Meanwhile, Paul Krugman had a novel idea today, which is maybe that the problem with modern elections isn’t that they involve two or more candidates who disagree with each other (what us partisan, divisive bickerers like to call “democracy”), but that modern elections are a bundle of dull slogans, focus group tested platitudes and other bullshit.

We’re in for a very, very long season of that, and I’m starting to feel increasingly pessimistic about the outcome.


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