About the whole no updates this week thing: I’ve been very busy laying out my penultimate issue of Blue Prints. And now that I’ve got a little breathing room, I plan to spend it finishing the penultimate chapter of The Carthian, and sending out more query letters.

And while we’re on the theme here, next week begins the penultimate month of my time in high school.

I’m almost done with The Carthian, and as the end approaches and we get further and further into election ’08 I find myself getting more and more weary of politics. That doesn’t mean I’m becoming apathetic by any means, but I’m finding it really difficult to actually like any of the candidates. It all seems like a contest between mediocrity and dangerous lunacy, and I’ll certainly support mediocrity in those circumstances but not enough to volunteer for it and not enough to avoid taking my shots at both.

I don’t know if I could make a career out of politics, the way things are going. I’ve been burned and disillusioned too many times since 2000. I just want to write, although my writing is obviously going to be heavily influenced by my political views. The Carthian is a good example of that – a large part of it came from frustration with the Bush administration. But right now, I need to take a breather.

My next project won’t be about politics. It’s going to be about adolescence, but like everything else I write it’s also going to be about something that most adolescents don’t have to deal with – in this case the Greco-Roman pantheon of gods. I guess you could call it my parting shot at high school.

I really, really need an agent.


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