Some Good News

Let’s just get this part out of the way first. I was wrong, many other people were right: Battlestar Galactica is really, really good. I know I’m kind of late jumping on the bandwagon, but I had my reasons. Namely, when it first came out there was this sensibility about it that it wasn’t “real” sci-fi because it featured actual characters and plot. Needless to say, that kind of genre elitism rankled me quite a bit.

But the show’s really, really good, and I’m kind of addicted now. And there’s really no way around that.

Also, The Carthian is now more or less done, which is to say I have less than a chapter to go and some not insignificant cleaning up to do. But the plot, as it is, is more or less resolved, which is more than a little bit relieving because until the end even I wasn’t 100% how this whole thing was going to end relatively neatly. Time for more query letters.

Which I should get out pretty shortly, because I’ve actually found a positive conduit for senioritis: earlier in the year I would use a moderately grueling school day as an excuse to avoid work as soon as I got home, but now that I’ve fessed up to the fact that nothing productive or even remotely challenging gets done in school anymore, I’ve started to become more productive outside of school. That means I get to finally write more, work on the guitar, and maybe finally clean my room.

Oh, and one more piece of good news: the paper of record is dropping out of that incestuous circle-jerk we know as the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Good for them.


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