Today was one of the most productive days I’ve had in weeks, which is funny, because I didn’t go to school. But I managed to get a bunch of work done, including sending out four more query letters.

Ten school days left. I’ve got a few pretty ambitious goals lined up for this summer, and I want to see how many of these I can accomplish.

I will:

– Discover middle America and red state America.

– Write (and maybe perform in) a short film that a friend of mine will direct.

– Finally get an agent.

– Finally get a part-time job.

– Become a better writer.

– Work my way through that big, disorganized mental list of classic movies and books that I probably should have already read by now.

– Write and record some decent songs with some decent sound quality and post them online.

We’ll see about all of this stuff. Some of it will probably work out, some of it won’t. We’ll see.

Then of course there’s Rock the Bells this summer. Featuring the following.


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