Via Fark, Pew Research finds that 65% of Americans believe that in general, corporations make too much profit.

These are promising numbers. They don’t really get to the root of the problem – usually it’s more the means by which corporations make their profits than the profits themselves that are the issue – but numbers like this suggest that the public would be receptive to some significant curtailing of corporate power.

I’m talking about stuff like ethics reform in Congress – real ethics reform, not the watered-down bullshit that they try to pass off as ambitious – but also things like holding American corporations to a certain standard for working conditions even when said corporation doesn’t have any factories in the United States. Maybe even things like capping CEO salaries or – and here’s a crazy idea – why don’t we just get rid of the legal definition of a corporation as a human being? It’s obviously not one, and it doesn’t deserve more protection than its workers. If we got rid of that, then that would open the door up to empowering the government to actually enforce regulations.

The reason why you won’t see anyone run on stuff like this, unfortunately, is that in order to be able to finance any sort of federal campaign, one has to be almost automatically a pro-corporate candidate. So this is an example of a situation where it’s really more about raising awareness amongst the public and hoping that forces Congress into a position where they have to do something about it.


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