I’m not going to pretend to understand a lot of the anti-Nader animosity that still exists on the left. Sure he was wrong when he said there wasn’t a jot of difference between the Democratic and Republican parties, but considering how things are going in the Democratic primary right now, it’s hard not to admit that he might still sort of have a point.

So it makes sense that he would want to run for president again. Of course, Kos is still harboring a little post-2000 resentment.

Anyone who clings to the fiction that President Al Gore would’ve been no different than President George W. Bush is beyond redemption.

But it doesn’t sound from the article he links to like Nader does cling to that fiction. In fact, it sounds a lot like Gore and Nader are on very friendly terms these days and have found some common ground.

And it sounds like Nader would be talking about some issues that desperately need to be addressed that both parties are ignoring. So maybe if a Nader candidacy were to gain enough steam so that Democrats were confronted with those issues and forced to rediscover their testicles, some good would come out of a Nader candidacy.


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