Take Back America

In the aftermath of the Take Back America conference, John Nichols sees promise in the desperate GOP attacks on those candidates who participated.

The problem with that logic is that it generally doesn’t lead to anything. The GOP, in good times or bad, will always go after Democrats for any reason, regardless of whether or not it looks desperate. The thing is, these are RNC press releases. They can’t be traced back to any specific candidate, so no specific candidate will get the blame for sending them out.

So where does that put us? If liberals complain about the attacks, then it turns into a “plague on both our houses” things and Republicans and conservative Democrats alike get to complain about negative campaigning from both sides of the aisle, regardless of which side all of the specific examples of negative campaigning are coming from.

So no, I don’t see it as an example of GOP desperation, although examples of that do exist elsewhere. This is business as usual.

The new development from TBA, and this one is kind of disturbing, is Clinton’s policy shift on Iraq to make her seem more anti-war and progressive.

Clinton didn’t say anything at TBA that she hadn’t already said elsewhere. Given her schizophrenic Iraq policy, it would probably be impossible for her to say something about Iraq she hadn’t said before. But when she talked about getting out of Iraq this year, she framed it in some very disturbing language. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the MSN’s focus, so it only got a small mention in the Post article.

The group booed loudest when Clinton criticized the Iraqi government because it was like “blaming the victim,” Evans said.

A lot of Democrats have been using language like this or something similar (such as “the Iraqis need to step up,” or expressing frustration with how slowly the Iraqis are taking charge of their own country) and you know what? They need to shut the hell up. Implying that our continued involvement in this catastrophic quagmire is somehow the fault of the Iraqis displays an emotional cowardice almost as bad as the desperate pleas for an open-ended commitment.

The American government got Iraq into its current FUBAR status, thanks to the Bush administration with what was, at the time, a cheerful helping hand from the Democratic Party. And now instead of copping to how badly they fucked up, the Democrats are turning around and criticizing the Iraqis for how inefficiently they’re recovering from their violent rape at our hands.

But I guess whatever helps Clinton live with the fact that she voted for the war is fine as long as she actually supports an end to it. Given her track record, however, I’m skeptical on that count.


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