A Sort-of Endorsement

To Chris Bower’s list of reasons why few liberal blogs have endorsed candidates, I would add that thus far we don’t have a whole lot of great options among the candidates. Until I recently I wasn’t even really leaning towards anyone because all the candidates seemed almost equally annoying.

But although this isn’t an endorsement, I’m pleased to announce that there’s now a candidate that I’m at least leaning towards. That is, this is the guy I would recommend voting for in the primary. Edwards.

Why Edwards? I’ve liked his focus on poverty for a while, his willingness to talk about actual issues while his opponents run campaigns focused on personality. He seems to be the only major truly populist candidate running.

This isn’t news and I was still somewhat ambivalent about Edwards for a while. But then I started reading some of anti-Edwards criticism and attacks. And the thing was that none of it had any real merit. It wasn’t until I noticed how hard people had to dig to come up with a progressive argument against Edwards that I realized that he was the only real major progressive candidate.


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  1. I appreciate your comment — it’s kind of frustrating to see Garance’s hit piece mishandle so much data and still get quoted so widely. At least I can touch a few souls…

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