One of the aggravating things about supporting Edwards is that while he seems to be the only presidential candidate who’s campaigning based on a coherent vision right now, his responsiveness to what the other candidates have been saying has been toothless at best and sluggish and toothless at worst.

So while, for example, his response to the whole hair thing is coming a bit late, at least it’s finally sending the right message: how much a candidate’s haircut costs is trivial bullshit. We all know it’s trivial bullshit. And if you believe that the cost of Edwards’ haircut has a place in a national debate about weighty issues like what to do in Iraq then your frivolous, shallow bullshit is part of the problem.

Speaking of shallow, frivolous bullshit, it’s also nice to see Edwards finally challening Obama, who has managed to position himself as the “change” candidate while doing absolutely nothing to earn it.


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