I’d say right now that the Bush administration’s attempts at secrecy have reached a new level of ridiculous, but of course that’s probably not true. Be fair, though; it’d be pretty hard. And they’re clearly trying.

Anyway, let’s hope this gets laughed out of court [emphasis mine].

The Bush administration argued in court papers this week that the White House Office of Administration is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act as part of its effort to fend off a civil lawsuit seeking the release of internal documents about a large number of e-mails missing from White House servers.

The claim, made in a motion filed Tuesday by the Justice Department, is at odds with a depiction of the office on the White House’s own Web site. As of yesterday, the site listed the Office of Administration as one of six presidential entities subject to the open-records law, which is commonly known by its abbreviation, FOIA.

Not absurd enough for you? Try this on for size.

Thanks to widespread efforts to understand what the NSA’s highly classified warrantless surveillance program is — from journalists, from legal scholars, from national security experts, from elected officials — the Bush administration was forced last month to reveal too much about how the program operates, in order to correct misunderstandings. And that means, McConnell said, “Americans are going to die.”

If there’s one civics lesson that the administration has taught to Americans again and again it’s that in a democracy, openly debating national security-related initiatives is about the deadliest thing you can do.

And I know this has been said before, but how stupid does the Bush Administration think these terrorists really are? Not even the dumbest lackey in the dumbest mob movie is going to openly discuss business on a phone line he doesn’t know is totally secure. We’re supposed to believe that Al Qaeda had never heard of wiretaps before all the newspapers started running stories about FISA?


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