The messy thing about installing a democracy in another country is sometimes you don’t like who they vote for.

As bad as the White House has been with the occupation of Iraq militarily, politically it’s been a complete joke. Check this out:

After the 2005 elections in Iraq, Blackwill wrote a laudatory op-ed in The Wall Street Journal praising Allawi’s strategy for crushing the insurgency: “Mr. Allawi’s message is simple: Join us in building the new Iraq and accept its benefits or, if you support the insurgency, get ready to die.”

As it happened, the strategy didn’t live up to its promises. The elections knocked Allawi out of power, as his tenure ended up alienating a large swath of the majority Shiite population. His attempts at enlisting American support to return to office — a perennial rumor in Washington
over the past two years — have all fallen short. Evidently, though, Blackwill and BGR evidently think that the time is right to get the old gang back together.

So a Senator Levin, the president, and a GOP lobbying firm all seem to want as prime minister the guy who got voted out of office the first time around for severely alienating a portion of Iraq that already feels thoroughly marginalized and trampled upon. Sounds like an awesome way to end that sectarian strife.


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