Ashcroft/Instapundit: I can take a waterboarding

So both former Attorney General John Ashcroft and Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds have now said that if asked, they will agree to be waterboarded, to prove that it’s not torture. Not to open myself to accusations of advocating the torture of people who disagree with me (for the record, I don’t) but I think if these guys volunteer someone should call them on it.

When the right argues that waterboarding isn’t torture there’s always an implicit argument in there that people who have been waterboarded and said that it is torture should, you know, man up. But that argument is kind of weak considering I haven’t heard a single pro-waterboarding voice from someone who’s undergone the procedure and decided that it’s not all that excruciatingly painful. If those manly-men Ashcroft and Reynolds can shrug off a good waterboarding then they’ll score some points in the debate, but somehow I don’t see that happening. Hopefully, if challenged, they would back down and admit that it might be torture, because the only other intellectually honest option is to agree to be tortured and I don’t wish that sort of thing on anyone.


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  3. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  4. What do you mean ?

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