Countdown to Iowa

Don’t expect a lot of posts about politics until January 3rd. I’ll still be posting here regularly, but it’s going to be more about other things. Frankly, the American election process, particularly during primaries, is an obscene, farcical, unsettling process and if it weren’t so damn important the only thing motivating my interest in it would be a sort of sick rubber-necking fascination. Primaries in particular make people who should be natural allies pissy. You can see that in my last Obama post, where I came off sounding like kind of a dick. Truth be told, I expect Obama to get the nomination and he’ll be a fine candidate. Obama volunteers, for the most part, seem to be a great, committed, engaged group of people. I still stand by what I said in regards to the rhetoric of a handful of pro-Obama pundits, but what got lost somewhere in the post is that on 90% of what’s happening I’m on the same side as the pro-Obama people – the biggest difference is that they see something in him I don’t. And especially given that I think he’s going to win, I hope they’re right and I’m wrong.

So I’ve got some serious election fatigue right now. And barring any earth-shattering events over the next week, all we’re going to be getting is these irritating and pointless “closing arguments” from the press and each campaign – who’s got the experience, who can bring about the most change, who’s got the biggest legislative dick, and so on. By now we already know all these people, so it’s hard to care.

After Iowa though, it’s back to blogging politics full-steam. I may have a big announcement coming up regarding how I’m planning to ramp up this blog’s primary coverage, but I’m going to save it for after Iowa.


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