Huckabee: I am too principled to run attack ads.

But here’s the one I was going to run but decided not to. Take a look.

And if you guys want to run it on your networks for free, feel free to. I’m not stopping you. I just won’t pay money for it. Because I am a man of principle.

You know it’s one thing for Huckabee to make a patently false claim about something predicated on the assumption that the boys on the bus aren’t going to make a big fuss about fact-checking or running a story with real depth. Campaigns do that all the time, and it works for them. But when a candidate tells them that he’s refusing to run a dirty ad and then spends the rest of the press conference trying to get free media for that ad, that’s just insulting their intelligence. I have a feeling that Huckabee is going to pay a price.

It’s funny, in some ways Huckabee’s entire campaign has been leading up to this. He’s been testing the boundaries of the press corp’s patience for a while now and it’s just now that he’s stepping over the line.


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