Belated Florida blogging

Yeah, no liveblogging of the debate last night. After I saw that McCain was going to seal this one up, Peter and I got caught up in writing our upcoming article for, and I drowned my sorrows in dick jokes, arguments over whether or not a phrase is hyphenated and agonizing over where to put our tasteless jokes about the death of Julius Caesar (too soon?).

I will say this, though: Every time we as a country give Florida any kind of electoral responsibility, they screw us. Seriously, think about it. 2000, and now this. McCain is now the inevitable GOP nominee, and unlike every single other inevitable nominee, he might actually be able to maintain that inevitability all the way to the nomination. And that’s going to make things rough in the general for Clinton or Obama (but let’s be honest with ourselves here, probably Clinton).

The other sad news today is who’s dropping out. Giuliani’s now gone, and endorsing McCain (which, by the transitive property, I guess means that Pat Robertson is also endorsing McCain). And now Edwards is out as well, even though he won as many delegates in Florida as Clinton and Obama combined.

I’ll miss Giuliani because he was almost as funny as Romney. But Edwards actually had a positive impact on the rise that has nothing to do with hilarity, and he’ll be missed.


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