Since we’re going all out with the Internet memes today, remember this? That’s the dramatic chipmunk – which is actually a prairie dog – giving you the crazy eyes. Watch it a few times. And then watch this, courtesy of the inestimable Ben Craw:

A few things worth noting:

  1. Every single time Giuliani gets asked about what happens after his inevitable crushing defeat in Florida, he gets CRAZY EYES.
  2. Everywhere he would normally throw in a reference to 9/11, Giuliani has instead decided to repeat that he’s focused on victory. So in other words, that phrase shows up a lot.
  3. Being focused on victory apparently means you’re not allowed to ever think about any other possibility besides victory.
  4. A lot of the hosts here look like they’re trying to explain to an 8 year-old boy that his dog isn’t going to come back from the dead. They’ve got that same guilty look of someone reluctantly being forced to crush hopes and dreams. Maybe that’s why they tend to back down when Giuliani starts babbling about victory for the umpteenth time. Or maybe they’re freaked out by his CRAZY EYES.

Happy V-Day, Rudy!


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