Fun Facebook Games

No, I don’t want to play Zombie Pirates versus Vampire Ninjas or whatever. And no, I don’t care which one of us is hotter. In fact, this game doesn’t require any of the annoying apps that people keep trying to sign you up for.

Alright, imagine this: you’re a freshman at a large university. The summer before you go to school, a bunch of people typically throw around random friend requests to people in their networks who seem cool from their profiles so that they don’t walk into Welcome Week completely alone. So if you accept every friend request you get before move-in day, you might very well have 100+ friend requests from people you’re never going to meet in person, let alone befriend.

Now granted, you have your doubts about this guy. Favorite music? “black eyed peas, justin timberlake.” Favorite movies? “transformers, da vinci code.” Favorite books? “lol.” But hey, maybe he’s a nice guy, and you’d feel like a dick for rejecting the random friend request when everyone’s trying to reach out to everyone else out of pre-freshman year anxiety. So you accept the friend request.

Not too long before welcome week, you get an invite from this guy. There’s a party! At a club! It’s going to be awesome! You appreciate the gesture, since this guy’s just trying to be friendly, but you can’t make it and clubs aren’t your thing anyway.

Undeterred, you get another one a couple weeks later. This one’s at a different club! Public drunkenness and loud noises are SO AWESOME. You reject that invite too.

Your suspicions start to mount as more and more of these invites stack up in your inbox. What’s up with this guy? I’ll tell you what’s up: you’re Facebook friends with a club promoter, and no matter how many invites you reject he’s going to keep sending them to you. Forever.

So what do you do? Unfriend him? Hell no! It’s time to have a little fun, and play some Invite Chicken.

The rules are simple: You start inviting him to stuff too. Anything and everything. Campaign rallies. Religious services. Family reunions. Birthday parties. School plays. Every invite you can get your hands on, you send it to this guy. First one to end the fake friendship loses the game of chicken.

I know what you’re thinking: Uh-oh. What if he actually does show up to my little sister’s birthday party? Well not to fear! If someone with a popped collar and a case of Captain Morgan shows up at your front door one day, all you need to do to lure him back out is to place some speakers playing shitty ’90s techno down the street.

Have fun, everyone! Stay tuned for next week’s episode of Fun Facebook Games, where we discuss awkward, flirtatious poke wars!


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