More on Florida

You may have heard that since the Democratic Party saw fit to punish Florida by stripping it of all of its delegates (I’m not going to go into the specifics of why, except to say that it’s Florida and that might very well be reason enough), Hillary Clinton’s decisive win yesterday only netted her magical, invisible, purely hypothetical delegates. Since Obama’s campaign is run largely on a platform of pixie dust and hope for everyone, this virtually guarantees that the Mushroom Kingdom is going to dominate the convention.

“Damn your cynicism!” Clinton fans might cry. “What of the press from her Florida win? Surely this just gives her more momentum going into Super Tuesday. You see? These things do matter.”

Alright, fair enough. So, via Eric Kleefeld, let’s see what momentum looks like:

Clinton 42% (-2)
Obama 36% (+3)
Edwards 12% (-2)

Woosh. Did you feel that gust of wind? That was Clinton racing by, building up more speed from all that momentum.


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