Morning Joe is the best Baltimore crime epic in television history

For those who haven’t watched Morning Joe before, it’s this really awesome sitcom that runs on MSNBC in the mornings. It’s actually a little bit like The Larry Sanders Show with its unlikeable but hilarious host/protagonist and convention of getting prominent public figures to come on the show and play themselves getting interviewed by the cast.

The basic premise is that you have this guy named Joe Scarborough who was a three-term Republican representative from Florida and he has this morning talk show now. In the context of the show, he’s a little bit like a Stephen Colbert-type character, but with less of a focus on the right-wing politics and more of a focus on the casual, frat-boy misogyny. Most of the dramatic tension on the show comes from his interactions with co-host Mika Brzezinski, a beautiful woman who tries to play with the big boys and act like a real journalist … even though she has female genitalia! Cable news has never been as zany!

You may remember that last season’s dramatic finale came when Mika got all weird and uptight just because Morning Joe’s lead story that day was about Paris Hilton and how she’s hot but kind of crazy. Joe and his comic sidekick Other Guy tried to get her to loosen up, but they were unsuccessful. Take a look:

Now they’re kicking off the New Year over at Morning Joe with a real howler; Mika tries to ruin everyone’s fun again by getting all “journalistic integrity” on Joe and he responds by threatening to backhand her!

Hahahah! Oh, those guys.


2 Responses

  1. just interested. What is the connection between Morning Joe and Baltimore?

  2. It’s an oblique reference to The Wire. I’m bad at coming up with post titles.

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