The Magical Mystery Tour, Summer ‘09

I was having brunch the other day with JuanWay Tour passengers Max, Ali and Peter (Max goes to college in the city, while Ali and Peter were up visiting from CT for the weekend) and we were bouncing around ideas for the tour. The tour, for those who haven’t read about it here before and are too lazy to click on the link, is the brainchild of one John Pags, who has purchased a school bus and will be spending the next year or so ripping out all of the seats, converting it to run on biodiesel, repainting the exterior and planting grass on the roof. The newly refurbished roadtripmobile is then going to take a bunch of us across the country during summer 2009.

This idea’s been gestating in John’s head since 2005, and within a year and a half or so, it’s actually going to happen. The four of us at brunch the other day were certifiably giddy. Not just for the tour, but for the other projects that might spin off of the tour. This, after all, isn’t any ordinary road trip.

Our potential to-do list for the tour:

1.) Bring a video camera, document the whole thing, cut it into a feature-length documentary and start sending it out to festivals
2.) Take notes on the whole thing and then write a heavily fictionalized account
3.) Blog the whole trip (You’ll notice I just made a new category for all things JuanWay, plus there’s also the official blog.
4.) There are at least three guitar players coming on the trip, plus Ali plays bass and has a bunch of auxiliary percussion. Michael Franti wrote his best album while touring Israel and Palestine. You can see where this is headed.
5.) Read The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test.

The most ridiculously ambitious thing on the list is, of course, the trip itself. The word “epic” got tossed around a lot yesterday. Sounds about right.


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  1. so, Ned, I’m sitting here at Eli Cannon with Emily W. and a lot of people who are feeling inferior and like we’ve wasted our whole lives. do you have any advice? if not, can I come on the Tour with you?

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