Maybe he should have put that on his résumé

Despite Glenn Greenwald’s criticisms of John King, it’s worth noting that it’s not unusual for network journalists to have no idea what the hell they’re talking about, so I think the larger point here is that we should thank John King for at least having the honesty to come out and say, “Look people, I’m paid to have a nice voice and great hair. I know absolutely nothing about anything. Please mute the television and admire the fantastic work my stylist did a few minutes ago.”

Think about it. This country would be a lot better off if Wolf Blitzer were to precede every dispatch with the disclaimer: “My chief qualifications for this job are being literate enough to read a teleprompter and having a beard that makes me look more authoritative. So please turn the television off.”

I mean, if you’re about to get brain surgery, do you want your totally unqualified surgeon to keep his mouth shut and just try his best or say: “Actually, I didn’t go to medical school. I just scanned my old middle school diploma and Photoshopped it. You want to go get a real doctor? Because if not, I’m still totally willing to give this thing a shot. You don’t mind if I eat this sandwich while I work, do you?”


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