Major Changes

No, nothing particularly major is happening. I just can’t keep away from annoying puns in my titles. See, I’m thinking of switching my major. Major = major. Get it?!!! LOL

Right now I’m a Politics major, which seemed to make sense because, as you may have noticed, I’m interested in politics. I did American Politics because I figured that would be all about American history and the eccentricities of the American political system and what not, but as it turns out, instead we’re focusing on game theory and lovely models like the median voter theorem, which, while neat and all, has practically no relation to reality. And when that gets pointed out in recitation, the TA’s response was, “True, but it’s the best analytical model we have right now.”

What seems to trip everyone up is that maybe this implies a problem with overreliance on analytical models. Like, say I’ve got a cracked vase. I decide I’m going to fix that vase with a hammer. This has the adverse reaction of causing the vase to get more broken. So I say, “Huh. I guess I need a more expensive hammer, but until I get the money for that I’m just going to keep using this one.” Not once is there any recognition that the hammer is one tool in a larger toolbox. So right now I’m thinking maybe History is the thing in the toolbox best suited to me. Maybe philosophy. Either way, it looks like Matt, Matt and Ezra were right all along.

Onto other things. You may or may not remember that gratuitous cuddlefest between me, Matt, Dylan and Mike a while back. Well I’ve been looking at some of the other blogs they recommended there, and I realized it’s time to update my blogroll. So, new blogs on the blogroll:

Brian Beutler, Soberish, and Pax American are all good blogs that I discovered because of that, so in they go.

I know I just spent a bunch of time trashing analytical political science, but my point wasn’t that it’s useless, only that it’s usefulness is limited. I still think it’s somewhat interesting, and the Monkey Cage is a great blog for looking at things from an analytical perspective.

Political Cartel beat me out as one of the finalists for this blogging scholarship I applied for, and with good reason – it’s really, really, good. Add it to the cool kid’s club of ridiculously precocious bloggers who don’t yet have college degrees, a list that includes all of the people from the aforementioned gratuitous cuddlefest.

Also, via former TPM-er Spencer Ackerman, I see that one of my former bosses over there, Rachel Weiner, recently started her own blog.

One last thing: this blog post needs some obligatory current events-related snark. Unfortunately, that’s hard, because I didn’t watch the debate tonight. How was it? All the accounts I’ve heard seem to indicate that the questions were sublimely, almost transcendentally, Russertarded.*

*Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I’m really pleased I came up with that word. I’m probably going to start using it a lot now.


3 Responses

  1. Two words: Thomas Nagel.

  2. Well, now I must read your blog. Will this arms race of praise never end? :)

  3. If it escalates any further, then goddammit I’m just going to start promising backrubs to everyone on my blogroll.

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