Blogrolling for Change

I’ve written previously about my support for Change Congress. Well, today, I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Except I don’t have any money, so I created a free account instead.

So here’s how it works: Say you have a website or a blog. If you write a page or post with the Change Congress button and a couple paragraphs explaining why you support Change Congress, you can then email or post to one of the flagship members (tagged here) and that person will add you to the account and (optional but encouraged) send you html to add the links to your site. The links from will be up on each of those four websites – if you want to become an active participant and add it to your own site as well, post here or email me.

I’ll have my post up with the links shortly in the next couple of days. Which is sort of like “shortly.” But less immediate.

UPDATE: It’s up!


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