Kittens, McCain and America: Soft and cuddly!

John McCain thinks America is really, really, really super-awesome. Like, the best thing ever. How do I know? Because he says “America” like thirty goddamn times. It’s Giuliani’s 9/11 Tourrette’s Part II: Electric [American] Boogaloo. In America.

Here’s the video:

You know what’s really depressing? This shit works, and John McCain knows it. As long as he just repeats positive-sounding words and images over and over again, McCain can get away with fucking anything. Now it’s just a matter of seeing how far he can push this. Expect a lot of ridiculous statements followed by soothing mental images. Such as:”When I am president, I will declare war on the continent of Asia.”

[Stunned, mortified silence.]

“Uh … look, everyone! A kitty!”

[Wild applause]

[Smirking]: “An American kitty.”


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