Rudymentum goes to Albany

Jesus Christ yes!!!

That’s right, just because almost no one wanted him to be President and the only reason he didn’t leave office as the most hated ex-mayor in the history of New York is because terrorists attacked it first doesn’t mean that Rudy Giuliani is finished politically. Oh, hells no! He’s having surrogates drop stories into the New York Post about how when the current governor David Paterson resigns over some scandal he hasn’t yet admitted to (although, I am personally dying to know what else can possibly be out there after he admits to cheating, drug use, misuse of campaign funds to cheat and possible misuse of taxpayer dollars to cheat) he’s totes gonna take the Governor’s Mansion. I mean, not that he’d live there because Albany sucks but he’s gonna run the state, assholes!

Ever since the Republican primary ended, there hasn’t been nearly enough schadenfreude in American politics. So thank you, Giuliani. Thank you for making this sacrifice so we can continue to mock you.

And to Mitt Romney: You should follow your former primary opponent’s example here. Run for office again! And hang in there, little guy!

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