The FBI needs to keep it in their pants

What with Bob Ney, Duke Cunningham and Mark Foley all getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar right around the 2006 elections, I guess it’s kind of forgivable that the Republican Justice Department would get a raging erection at the thought of a real-life Democrat getting caught with a bunch of dirty money in his freezer. But it would have been nice if they could have put this scumbag behind bars without breaking the law themselves.

Of course, there’s really no way to draw a conclusion about this case that isn’t going to be seen as a partisan decision. If you don’t overturn the earlier ruling, you’re helping out a corrupt politician because you’re a die-hard Democrat who’s willing to sacrifice the rule of law to help out your friends in the party. If you do overturn it, you’re endorsing the illegal tactics of a heavily politicized Justice Department run amok. It kind of makes sense that John Roberts would take one look at this case and go, “Whoa! There is no way in HELL I’m getting my fingerprints on this mess.”

As for how this is going to affect the case against Jefferson as a whole: I have absolutely no clue. I’m obviously not a legal expert, but I’m going to hope the answer is not too much. Because watching crooked politicians get shipped off to the slammer is just so much fun.


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