Jokes I’m too mature to make

Via TRex’s blog, there’s a story about a bunch of Republican bigwigs (including Ted “the muckmonster” Stevens, Dick Cheney and Ed “probably not related to Henry” Rollins) gathering together to dine on … uh …

Former senator Paul Laxalt’s all male, annual lamb fry dinner at the Georgetown Club tends not to be an especially raucous affair. The 28th dinner the other night, prepared as always in Basque style in honor of Laxalt’s heritage, featured the usual delicacy of the night, lamb’s testicles, which are said to have unusual medicinal qualities.

Now, reading that, your first impression would probably be, “I bet there’s an amusing metaphor that could be made out of the image of Ted Stevens feasting on the genitalia of innocent, complacent farm animals!” Well, you’d be wrong. Look, people, different cultures have different delicacies. Sure sheep testicles seems like a strange thing to eat in America, but so what? If there’s one thing that the Republican Party has always stood for, it’s diversity in the dishes served at their extravagant fundraisers.

So rest assured, there is nothing even remotely funny about the idea of Dick Cheney grinning and sweating with excitement as a meek servant places a plate with still-quivering testicles surrounded by mint sprigs before him. Nor is there anything funny, or even ironic, about former Romney campaign and Huckabee campaign staffers sitting around with balls in their mouths. Which is why I’m going to totally abstain from making crude jokes about teabagging or other ballsac-related activities. Because this is a serious blog and we only discuss serious issues.


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