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Help me get to Netroots Nation
May 31, 2008

It’d be really cool to be able to attend the biggest progressive blogging convention in the country in Austin, TX. Unfortunately, I’m broke. Please take 5 seconds to click here and throw some love my way so that I can make it there for free.


The Scott we know and love
May 31, 2008

With Scott McClellan making the rounds with his book and trying desperately to repair his thoroughly obliterated credibility, now seems as good as ever to revisit some of his greatest hits as press secretary. Ben Craw, you’re up.

I guess now we know where that deer-in-headlights look came from and why it was so entertaining. It turns out that McClellan’s obvious discomfort on the podium was only mostly due to incompetence. The other big problem for him as press secretary was that he had a soul.

Does that make me feel a little guilty about the schadenfreude I got from watch his press conferences? No, not particularly – if he’s writing a tell-all now, that means that he knew how fucked-up everything going on around him was, and just rolled with it until they finally threw him under the bus. Just because he’s got a little bit of a conscience doesn’t mean he’s not a spineless toady. All that this shows is that he’s at least capable of feeling shame. An improvement over Ari Fleischer, Tony Snow and Dana Perino? Certainly. But if he’s capable of shame, then I hope he’s feeling quite a bit of it right now.

There is no justification for reading Maureen Dowd
May 29, 2008

Seriously, she’s awful. And we all know it. But people continue to labor under the myth that she’s at least entertaining.

But read this. The whole thing is one snarky one-liner after another with zero insight, opinion, or information being transmitted. So you would expect that it would at least be fun to read.

Bill arrives two hours late, red-faced and truculent.

“If you brought me over here to cry uncle, shame on you, Barack Obama. You and your press lackeys are engaged in a cover-up even though Hillary’s winnin’ the popular vote and the general election.”

“Hey, Bill, please, stop wagging your finger at me. Call off Harold Ickes and the Hillaryland Huns. You’re right. I can’t win without her. The two of us can clean McCain’s grandfather clock.”

“Goshalmighty. You could knock me over with a hair on a biscuit, Barack. Smart move, everybody wins. Now Hillary won’t be the skunk at your Denver garden party.”

“That’s why they call me: No Drama Obama.”

The whole column reads like that. It’s about as funny as malaria.

Look at me, I’m in the newspaper (sort of)
May 28, 2008

I don’t know who these Dan Resnikoff and Ned Baker characters are, but it looks like they’ll be accompanying me and my friend Dan Baker on the JuanWay Tour – and they had some very nice things to say about the idea.

Send this article to all your friends at major media outlets/wealthy philanthropists looking for epic journeys to financially support (we need it).

May 27, 2008

So I’m thinking that as this interminable Democratic primary finally shrivels up and dies, I’m going to be moving away from politics a little bit and focus on writing about … well, whatever crap enters my head. Like muttonchops (re: previous post a couple posts ago). And random Wikipedia searches. There’s a certain appeal to me in the idea of finding something interesting to write about in the stupidest subjects imaginable, and it’d be nice to branch away from the “I am very angry about what Joe Lieberman said today” style of writing, although you can still expect some of that.

Of course, I wouldn’t think of doing anything without first turning to you, my dozen or so casual blog readers. What do you guys want out of Veritosity? If I went all Emily Gould on you and wrote about my personal life in uncomfortable detail, would that make you all finally love me?

May 26, 2008

So this is pretty stupid: FOX News, the people who famously didn’t know the difference between Stephen Douglass and Frederick Douglass also don’t know the difference between Wesleyan University and Wellesly University, Hillary Clinton’s alma mater. After they reported that Obama was going to be speaking at the latter, the Senior Class President and Obama joked about it in their commencement speeches. As I member of the audience, I can report that it would have been really, really hard for anyone, even the people not in on the joke, to mistake it for an actual joke. And if you don’t believe me, check out the video:

On Muttonchops
May 26, 2008

Since senior of high school, a friend of mine has been pressuring me to grow some muttonchops. I never really saw the appeal, and didn’t. But, as a favor to him, when I shaved my beard today I shaved them into the form of muttonchops first and took a picture – a picture which will never, under any circumstances, make it on to the Internet.

It got me thinking, though – I may not be the brave soul who’s going to bring the muttonchops back, but someone should. Hell, if you want to win the Nobel Prize in facial hair, I would recommend resurrecting and re-popularizing the legendary facial hair of American hero Ambrose Burnside, who united his muttonchops through a mustache much as he fought to unite an America torn asunder by civil war. Most people call that style “friendly muttonchops.” I call it patriotism.

May 26, 2008

What, two blogs now? Because, at 17, having one insightful and well-written blog that’s been linked to by Ezra Klein doesn’t really cut it anymore in today’s fast-paced and competitive blogosphere.

To Matt: Seriously, dude, you’re making the rest of us look lazy by comparison. Time to scale it back a little bit.

To everyone else: Go read.

Obama’s Speech
May 25, 2008

Was great. Watch the video below.


May 24, 2008

So apparently, Bill O’Reilly thinks that being an embedded journa… well, being an embedded member of the media, is basically the same thing as being a soldier.

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