Obama’s Speech

Was great. Watch the video below.

As Matthew Yglesias points out, the whole “you are our future, go do good stuff” shpiel is pretty standard at graduations. But how often do you hear presidential candidates actually appealing to the best in humanity and saying that we can all do better? It seems like 99% of the time, politics is the art of relying on people’s baser instincts to get the better of them and manipulating those instincts. For Obama to ask that we all join together to help fix this country instead of just implying that voting for him would be enough was actually kind of novel – and although he never used the word, he was basically defining patriotism, something that the trivial little people quibbling over flag pins would never understand.

Plus, damn did he say it pretty.

I’m glad I finally saw him in person. Video can’t do him justice. It was worth the lack of sleep, long wait and the sunburn.


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