So this is pretty stupid: FOX News, the people who famously didn’t know the difference between Stephen Douglass and Frederick Douglass also don’t know the difference between Wesleyan University and Wellesly University, Hillary Clinton’s alma mater. After they reported that Obama was going to be speaking at the latter, the Senior Class President and Obama joked about it in their commencement speeches. As I member of the audience, I can report that it would have been really, really hard for anyone, even the people not in on the joke, to mistake it for an actual joke. And if you don’t believe me, check out the video:

Ironically, now the RNC is hitting Obama for saying he was speaking at Wellesly. Dudes need to get a sense of humor.

Also, if I were a Republican shill, I would not want to get into a contest over whose presidential candidate makes dumber misstatements.

Shit, did I say “misstatements?” I meant “blatant lies.”


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