So I’m thinking that as this interminable Democratic primary finally shrivels up and dies, I’m going to be moving away from politics a little bit and focus on writing about … well, whatever crap enters my head. Like muttonchops (re: previous post a couple posts ago). And random Wikipedia searches. There’s a certain appeal to me in the idea of finding something interesting to write about in the stupidest subjects imaginable, and it’d be nice to branch away from the “I am very angry about what Joe Lieberman said today” style of writing, although you can still expect some of that.

Of course, I wouldn’t think of doing anything without first turning to you, my dozen or so casual blog readers. What do you guys want out of Veritosity? If I went all Emily Gould on you and wrote about my personal life in uncomfortable detail, would that make you all finally love me?


2 Responses

  1. Dude, we already love you.

  2. All wikipedia searches, all the way. I want to find links to crazy corners of the internet that I didn’t know existed here on this blog. And also, keeping in touch with politics would be nice too.

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