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Please stop talking about yourself
May 24, 2008

When I first read some of Emily Gould’s article, titled Exposed but more accurately dubbed EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I was heavily leaning towards not writing about it. Why waste more energy on this when having it talked about is just going to validate the editorial decision to print it? But then I found out that, via Attackerman, a member of the article’s supporting cast has his own piece today on his relationship with the main character.

So in addition to NYT Magazine publishing what amounts to a high schooler’s LiveJournal post but with better grammar, we’ve got another article about Joshua David Stein doesn’t like all the details of his love life floating around on the Internet.

Of course, if he were serious about that, then he might have reconsidered writing a magazine article about his love life.

Either way, the whole thing’s become doubly irritating.


Obama at Wesleyan
May 23, 2008

Yep. Apparently, my hometown college’s commencement speaker was originally supposed to be Ted Kennedy, but due to the recent sad news about the senator, he’s been replaced by Barack friggin’ Obama. I’m going to try to get good seats for the speech, but I’m not terribly optimistic about that.

Meanwhile, I spent the day at John’s house cleaning carpets that will eventually be installed on the floor of the bus – and a journalist from the Hartford Courant was there to do a writeup for one of their blogs. I’ll have the link to that when it goes up.

May 21, 2008

Check this shit out. Lieberman, who, remember is chair of the Senate Government Oversight Committee (making him the horribly stunted evil twin brother of Henry Waxman, I guess), apparently feels that his time is better spent exercising oversight over … YouTube videos.

As mcjoan points out, the letter that Lieberman’s writing to YouTube is officially being issued from the office of the Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, meaning that he’s trying to use a Senate committee to compel YouTube to censor free speech. Because that’s just the kind of swell dude he is.

Sergeant Pepper can suck it
May 20, 2008

It might seem a little premature to call The Hold Steady’s Stay Positive album of the year when it’s not going to be released for another month or so, but now that another track has been released, I think it’s fair. In fact, based on the strength of “Sequestered in Memphis,” I’m going to go so far as to say that Stay Positive will be the album of every year.

This songs is all my favorite Hold Steady moments in a little over three minutes – the classic Kubler riffs, the piano one moment and wailing electric organ the next, a funny-sad story that’s like the two protagonists of “Party Pit” (another favorite of mine) all grown up.

Mulder’s Big Adventure
May 20, 2008

is my favorite new blog. From the About sidebar:

Josh and Angela review and recap The X-Files from start to finish, one episode at a time. Why? Why not?

Exactly! So far they’ve done four episodes, so at this rate hopefully we’ve got 3-4 years of entertainment to look forward to. Of course, I wouldn’t be complaining if they updated a lot more often. Between this and the new movie coming out in July, I’m getting all dewy-eyed and nostalgic for for my days as a 10 year-old Mulder-idolizer.

Sigmund Freud’s Junior Prom
May 19, 2008

That’s all I could think of when I saw this article on Purity Balls (via Alex). What’s obviously intended to be a PG-rated celebration of traditional family values instead comes off as a hilariously awful nightmare parade of psychosexual double entendres. I mean, just look at this picture. LOOK AT IT, for Chrissake. It’s like a scene from that terrible Nicholas Cage Wicker Man remake meets a surreal community college production of The Nutcracker directed by Pat Robertson.

Surely the event itself can’t be that bizarre, can it? Maybe if we listen to the people involved in Purity Balls explain it, they’ll seem just a little bit less demented.

Two Dogs: Married
May 19, 2008

I prefer the Something Awful version of this lighter-than-air campaign ad.

Now that’s a vision of the future I can get behind.

Juan for the Road (The first of many awful puns on the subject)
May 18, 2008

John’s uploaded pictures of yesterday’s bus maintenance. I left early, once I realized that there were too many cooks and not enough spoons for laboring over this particular pot of stew, but I’m still in one shot. That’s me in front, the mysterious bearded man with my back turned to the camera.

UPDATE: Okay, not so mysterious. I’m here, too.

May 18, 2008

Over at the ol’ stomping grounds, muckraking dynamo Paul Kiel is moving on to other things. Josh and Attackerman have already pretty much said it all, but I’d just like to add my own words of congratulations.

I didn’t work as closely with Paul as some of the other TPM interns – my jurisdiction was mostly over TPMCafe – but I do remember Paul to be a remarkably calm presence for somebody who had to ask powerful and unhinged people potentially embarrassing questions on a daily basis and write the kind of blog posts that get you added to enemy lists in the highest offices in the land. He’s also a world-class pumpkin carver, even if the structural integrity of the Mitt Romney jack o’ lantern itself left something to be desired.

Anyway, if you, or anyone else at the TPM offices is reading this: Congrats, Paul!

“Nice hat, asshole.”
May 18, 2008

Peter and I have yet another article on today. It’s somewhat of a departure from the typical Cracked format, and from the subject matter of my last two articles. Read it, and digg with all your might.

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