The mark of the beast

Lieberman’s third-bestest-friend in the whole wide world – behind John McCain and George W. Bush – is a dude named John Hagee. You might’ve heard the name before. And it turns out he has some … uh … interesting ideas about the apocalypse.

Yep, that’s right: according to Hagee, the Anti-Christ is going to be a gay Jewish guy.

Now check out Lieberman’s kind words on the guy (Hagee, not the Anti-Christ):

“Pastor Hagee has devoted much of his life to fighting anti-Semitism and building bridges between Christians and Jews…”

I guess gay Jews don’t count?

Actually, I’ve got to say, as an NYU student, the idea of a bunch of lunatic zealots shitting their pants waiting for some Tisch undergrad to slaughter one third of the Earth’s population is hysterically funny.


One Response

  1. Considering Josh is gay and half-Jewish (as Hagee said), does that mean our suitemate is potentially the Anti-Christ?

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