Jesus Christ, here we go again

Wesley Clark sure has some stones on him. There are certain things that are both obviously true and, for some reason, shockingly offensive to all Serious People, and he just hit on one of them when he had the audacity to suggest that serving in a war does not immediately make one qualified to be president.

It’s really amazing that this is the sort of thing that offends people these days. To say that someone who’s really good at a particular job is not necessarily qualified to move on to a job that requires a completely different skill set is obscene now? I have the highest respect for our men and women in uniform, but I doubt many of them would make great professional jugglers, either.

And the funny thing is, Republicans agree with me. How do I know this? Allow me to blow your mind, man:

As recently as the last presidential election, they decided to vote for the candidate with less military experience.

So, yeah. Ponder that one.

Oh, damn. I forgot – Kerry was secretly not in Vietnam the whole time. Or is a clone. Or something.


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