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Pizza for breakfast?!
June 20, 2008

Senator Norm, this is not how to make an effective green screen ad:

If you’re going to use green screen at all just take it and run with it:


The audacity of something
June 20, 2008

So in my last post, I asked, “Where the fuck is Obama” on retroactive immunity. Little did I know that, as I was blogging away, Obama was revealing to the world where he was: crouched under his desk, hiding from anything that would look like a strong statement in one direction or the other.


Uh, congrats?
June 20, 2008

Despite their being in the majority, there’s nothing particularly weird about the Democrats surrendering to the Republicans on civil liberties. I mean, that’s what Democrats are good at. If Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer woke up one morning and realized that they were in the majority, it would throw everything out of whack.

You know what is weird, though? That Democratic leadership thinks that lying down and letting the White House bone the US Constitution once again is cause for a victory dance.

Goin’ to Texas
June 20, 2008

You guys rock. For real. Thanks to your support, in a couple weeks I’m going down to Austin, TX on a DFA scholarship to kick it with far more important bloggers than I.

Seriously, you guys. You’re all awesome. I’ll bring back a big, ugly Texas belt buckle for you all.

Yay, compromise!
June 19, 2008

Compromise, paraphrased:

We want retroactive immunity and you don’t. So, as a compromise, how about telecom companies only receive retroactive immunity if we provide evidence that they thought they weren’t doing anything illegal? And by “evidence” we mean, “you taking our word for it.”

Once again, the glorious forces of capitulation have defeated the evil armies of partisan bickering. Huzzah!

Obama learns lessons of 2006, chooses to ignore them anyway
June 19, 2008

Hey, does anyone remember that anti-Lieberman primary challenge in the 2006 Connecticut Senate elections? The one with Ned something? Ned … Ned Lamont? I think I might have mentioned that race here before.

Obama was involved in that one somehow, wasn’t he? Oh yeah, that’s right – he endorsed Lieberman in the primary and then, when it came time to support the actual nominee in the general, kind of didn’t.

So how did that turn out? Well, Lieberman, Obama’s mentor, won. Yay! Then, to show his gratitude, he went on to actively campaign for Obama’s opponent, vocally oppose every single ideal that the Obama campaign stands for and merrily fuck over his former mentee at every available opportunity.

So, if you were Barack Obama, would you take the lesson of this experience to be that interfering in primaries on behalf of people who are actively undermining your agenda is a swell idea?

And for those keeping score, apparently in Obamaland, attaching yourself to someone who’s trying to undermine your civil liberties isn’t anywhere near as bad as being pictured next to someone in a khefiya. Good to know.

June 18, 2008

Just a reminder to everyone that in order to narrow the focus of this blog and keep it to just politics and snark, I’ve now consigned all of the other random musings and crap that occasionally popped up here to my tumblr blog. So if you’re one of the handful of people who actually liked it when I talked about writing or got all Philosophy major on you, then you should probably add that to your RSS feed.

Retarded meme of the day
June 18, 2008

9/10 Democrats


Habeas corpus as a universal right? THAT’S A 9/10 ATTITUDE.

Translation: SHIT YOUR PANTS IN FEAR, YOU IGNORANT SHEEP. Daddy McCain will protect you.

As Atrios would say: This election is so awesome.

The Texas Republican State Convention
June 17, 2008

God I wish I were there right now. It sounds wonderfully surreal.

I can’t help but imagine a planning session in which the state Republican party all gets together and debates the critical issue of the day: Should the convention’s theme be racism, or horribly schlocky godawful country music?

Eventually a guy with a 10-gallon hat silences the debate by jumping up on the table and firing his six-shooters into the air.

“Aw, shucks, y’all,” he says to the assembled crowd. “Why can’t we do both?”

Which leaves us with this and this.

Great job, guys.

UPDATE: To be fair to the Texas GOP, they weren’t the ones distributing the buttons. Anyone honestly think they didn’t notice them being distributed, though?

Veepstakes puns
June 17, 2008

You may or may not have heard already that Barack Obama’s VP-selection team thinks that a swell way to contrast their candidate with John McCain might be to put a cranky, socially conservative* old man on the ticket.

Fortunately, Dylan Matthews is here to say, “Nunnacceptable!”

Uh … or, “That’s Nunn a good idea!”

Wait, wait, wait: “Nunn’s on the run!

No? Alright, fine. I’m willing to concede when I’ve been out-punned. Go to Dylan’s site, Having Nunn of It, and sign the petition.

Because “there’s Nunnthing good about this idea!”

Okay, I’ll stop now.

*In this case, “socially conservative” = a euphemism for “ridiculously homophobic.”

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