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Dylan and John are both friends of the blog, and I think they’re mostly right. Threatening to not vote for Obama because he’s disappointed you on a few issues when he’s still, by leaps and bounds, the superior candidate, is really dumb. And this Stephen Suh post is as absurd as the well-deserved takedown by John Cain in the comments is funny.

But I don’t think Glenn Greenwald is doing anything wrong by taking Obama to task on his FISA vote. And in general, I’m not in favor of muting criticism of our guy when he fucks up simply because he’s our guy.

I mean, first off, I’m pretty sure that at the end of the day Greenwald still recognizes that Obama is the superior candidate and isn’t telling anyone differently. And even if he did, I’m pretty sure Glennzilla doesn’t wield a whole lot of influence over the electorate.

Besides, these inter-party debates are healthy, as long as everyone remembers that we’re ultimately on the same side. They show that most of the liberal blogosphere, unlike its right-wing counterpart, holds truth and other grand ideals higher than simply advancing the party for the party’s own sake. They show members of the Democratic Party that they can’t just screw up whenever they feel like and still have the blogs cover for them. And, on a more cynical note, provoking this sort of criticism may be a way of letting Obama distance himself from the nutroots, or whatever.

As far as this blog goes, I may as well just cut and paste Atrios’ comments into the mission statement:

I actually think all perspectives, except the crazy people who imagine the Obama campaign is funneling lots of money to me, have merit. It is vitally important that Obama win this election, and the importance of that towers over most day to day stuff But I’m inspired to criticize at times when I think Obama (and Kerry before him) is engaging in bad politics.

Mostly I just do whatever it is I do on this sucky blog without thinking too much about it. Still I try to distinguish between actions (what Obama does as a senator) and campaign rhetoric which doesn’t matter nearly as much. Obama isn’t trying to win my vote and the campaign isn’t going to be aimed at me.

Yeah, pretty much. I support Obama, and I think everyone should vote for him, but this is a blog where I just get shouty about stupid shit, regardless of which side it’s coming from. And although I’m going to continue to do that, I don’t think anyone who reads this is going to be confused at the end of the day over which candidate I’m voting for.

UPDATE: I should point out that Mike gives a much more detailed explanation of why what Greenwald wrote was cool and what Suh wrote was not at all cool.

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