Cheap shots

What a day yesterday. Apparently, not only did John McCain attempt to convince America that the surge is not actually the surge except when it is politically advantageous for him to take credit for something that seems surge-y, but Bob Novak hit an innocent pedestrian with his car. Presumably he was distracted while driving because he was busy writing “MOCK ME, POLITICAL BLOGGERS” on his forehead in sharpie.

Well this is the last you’re going to hear me say about either of those two incidents. There’s such a thing as something being too easy. Mocking Robert Novak for being the last of a subterranean breed of evil reptiles is one thing, and so is mocking John McCain for babbling on about how awesome his Iraq policy is when he clearly has no idea what the fuck he’s talking about, but when they both serve up proof of those assertions on a silver platter … well, it’s a little unsportsmanlike to stab a man in the chest when he’s already committing seppuku right before your eyes, isn’t it?

In that spirit, I will only draw attention to how evil or stupid public figures are when they don’t seem to be making a conscious effort to draw attention to it themselves. This is my code.

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