This whole “celebrity” ad thing is turning into a rapidly escalating arms race. Or perhaps a downward spiraling IQ race. One or the other, really.

I mean, who in the Obama campaign signed off on the “I’m rubber, you’re glue” defense?

This kind of crap is beneath him. Especially after he spent a solid week explaining why this kind of crap was beneath anyone. “New politics,” indeed.

Meanwhile, McCain re-retaliates with an online ad that … well, wow.

I’ve been pretty skeptical of claims about racial messaging in McCain’s ads, but the “Obama wants to steal your white women just like in Birth of a Nation” subtext here is kind of hard to deny.


4 Responses

  1. You may decry Obama’s response, but a charge, no matter how ridiculous, left unchallenged, has great weight.
    I must object to you posting McCain’s ad, where he states flat-out that Obama will raise taxes on anyone making $42,000 a year. That is false. Please go to Barack Obama’s official site and read his economic policies for yourself. Barack Obama will, if elected, lower taxes for all Americans making $250,000 a year and under.

  2. You know what? I don’t think you’re even the real Kurt Cobain.

  3. That’s what Courtney said!

  4. Think of how much good we could do in the world, and our own nation, if we didn’t spend billions on advertisements….

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