It’s that wonderful time of year again, the weeks leading up to the 2008 fall semester. Last spring, NYU Local launched in its beta form, and I’d like to think that we had a pretty damn good semester, especially considering it was only the beta launch. The real deal is coming in a little over two weeks, and with that comes some staff/section reshuffling and realignment. Which means that my section, Opinion, is now accepting applications to become regular blogger/columnists. The specifics are still being hammered out, but to put it in SAT terms:

You : NYU Local :: Coates/McArdle/Douthat/Sullivan : The Atlantic Monthly

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. So apply, goddammit! And tell all your NYU friends who can write and are opinionated to apply too.

If you’re still not convinced, here are some reasons why you should want to be a columnist:

1. Writing for an online publication > writing the exact same content in a Facebook note only your friends will read. You’ll get a much wider readership, people will take you more seriously, and “columnist” sounds a hell of a lot better on your résumé than “angry person the Internet.” Plus, as editor, my job is to get rid of all of those typos and work with you to make your argument more cogent, so you’ll come out looking smarter.

2. There is the chance that you will achieve a very small amount of Internet fame. Positions at NYU Local lead to exciting opportunities elsewhere. Pieces I’ve written for NYU Local helped me score a scholarship to Netroots Nation, among other things. And one of our columnists received additional financial aid thanks to a scathing piece in my section.

3. Joining NYU Local is a good way to surround yourself with awesome people. Just because the site is online doesn’t mean you won’t be meeting any fellow Localites in person. We’ve got the launch party planned, for one thing, and we had a couple other meetings last semester where everyone got to meet face to face. It’s a great group of people to work with, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you make some new friends there.

4. You get to go around telling people that you’re an opinion columnist for an online alternative publication. Opinion columnists combine the intellect and sensitive creative soul of Maureen Dowd with the raw sexual appeal of Thomas Friedman. Peers and acquaintances will shower adoration upon you. Gossip Girl star Blake Lively will make a blatant pass at you and try to get your phone number. Your name will be on all the lists for all the clubs. Every once in a while, Dave Eggers will call just to say “hey” and see what you’re up to Saturday night.

5. Applying to my section will make me happy. Just sayin’. Conversely, if you have prodigious writing talents which, for some unfathomable reason, you choose to withhold from me and my section, then I will consider it a personal affront. So if you don’t want to hurt my feelings, once again, apply.

*If you attend NYU, that is. Otherwise, we’re wasting each other’s time.


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  1. “Opinion columnists combine the intellect and sensitive creative soul of Maureen Dowd with the raw sexual appeal of Thomas Friedman.”

    Thanks for the nightmares, Ned.

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