Real Life

You may know John Cain as a PUMA-bashing member of the political blogging kid’s table that I sit at, but did you know that he also exists as a person in real life? I had my suspicions, but they weren’t confirmed until I met up with him earlier this evening.

I’m pretty sure we’re the first two members of the club to meet up in person.


3 Responses

  1. Win. We really need to convene a Five Families-style convention at some point. We can wear suits and smoke cigars and plot welfare state reforms.

  2. I think such a meeting should wait until you guys turn 21. Hanging out at Starbucks all weekend doesn’t strike me as a swinging time.

  3. It took me three or so times to realize that you were referring to our erstwhile blogging buddy, and not the GOP nominee

    I guess that’s pretty dumb.

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