And so the anti-Biden backlash begins

I really should be packing right now, but this kind of irritated me:

Obama, whose mushy Iraq plan excites no one, is marrying his own’s flawed ideas — which mostly revolve around beefing up US forces in Afghanistan and unilaterally attacking Pakistan — with Biden’s discredited notion of partitioning Iraq into three squabbling mini-states.

The headline of that article, by the way, is “Biden is Worse than McCain.”

First of all, thanks again for dragging up the old, “Obama’s going to invade Pakistan” canard. But that’s not why we’re here, folks. We’re here to talk about the three-state partition plan.

Indeed, last year it was the passage by the US Senate of a resolution in favor of Biden’s dangerously misguided ideas that sparked an outburst of Iraqi nationalism. More than the Blackwater killings, more than US efforts to forcibly privatize Iraq’s oil, it was the Biden idea of splitting Iraq into three pieces that galvanized Iraqi Arab nationalists. (It does, of course, excite the Kurds no end.)

Uhm … what? Somehow, as long as George W. Bush is president, I don’t think Iraqi nationalists could give a shit what Joe Biden thinks. I could be wrong about that, though, as a well-placed quote or piece of evidence in this article would demonstrate:

Oh. Okay. Well then.

Look, the thing about Iraq is that it was an artificially constructed country in the first place. It was formed in 1921 when the League of Nations basically slapped together three disparate Ottoman provinces and handed them over to the UK. Given that uniting these three chunks into Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with the wishes of the people living in them, I don’t think splitting up the country again is such an insane idea. My objection to Biden’s plan is that any sort of repartitioning would have to be done by the people of Iraq and not by some Senator from Delaware. But statements like this:

Perversely, by selecting Biden, Obama might in fact hasten the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq, if only because Iraqis won’t be able to stomach Vice President Biden pompously lecturing them on why Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds can’t live together.

come off sort of ridiculous.

And by the way, the assumption that Obama is “marrying” his foreign policy to Biden’s is even more ridiculous. They’re not sharing the top of the ticket, okay? And something tells me that Obama isn’t looking for another Cheney-style vice president. Obama’s repeatedly pointed out that he likes to surround himself with different viewpoints and perspectives, and Biden is one voice among countless other more progressive foreign policy advisers on the campaign.

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